Welcome to the Shapium

What is the Shapium? Unfortunately, much about the Shapium remains shrouded in mystery. There are only two things known about the Shapium. First, the beings need to escape and second they must not ever touch one another. Everyone who enters the Shapium must remember these two pieces of information. Once you enter the Shapium, you will experience a mind bending skill puzzle, which requires a keen eye and unwavering will to free the beings.

To be great at Shapium requires being able to track multiple moving objects at once - a skill that fighter pilots are famous for. Maybe you have some hidden skills as well. If you think you have what it takes: Welcome to the Shapium.


Rating 4.4 / 5.0: "The developers of the game have pretty much decided not to explain what Shapium is exactly, and that ploy may have actually worked at hooking those who give the app a chance into thoroughly enjoying it."


"Shapium is a hectic puzzle game which actually features some unique gameplay mechanisms! It has a great price and value as well!"



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